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We are unabashedly excited with the appearance of a first time guest. On this episode of “Exploring The Bizarre” ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swarts welcome the great granddaughter of Tuella, the primary channel for the Ashtar Command, and author of such accredited works as “Project World Evacuation,” “On Earth Assignment,” and a “New Book Of Revelations.” CASSY COHEN says that she is a child of the light...but she didn't learn about her purpose and who she was until a few months ago. As a senior in college who is about to graduate with a degree in psychology, Cassy says how surprising it was to just now be learning about her family's secret. She is currently trying to learn all that she can and connect with the people, like Tim Beckley who knew Tuella. She admits to expanding her spiritual consciousness spurred on by Tuella’s book, “Cosmic Telepathy,” which she has been studying closely. She has learned that the Ashtar Command has been on a 25 year hiatus, which ended around the time she “found out who she was.” Cassy also notes that months before learning about her great grandmother, she had started a gemstone/crystal jewelry business. Called Gemstone Hippie Co. Ashtar, the “chief” or commander of all the intergalactic forces, was first reported on July 18, 1952 by George Van Tassel. Van Tassel said that Ashtar is a benevolent being who spreads messages of peace among mankind to prepare it to enter the Aquarian Age. In addition to marketing crystals, Cassy is also an accomplished photographer and music video producer. Let’s cheer her on!

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