323: Doing A Tight Five On The Comedy Store


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Showtime's latest docuseries is a deep (maybe too deep) dive on L.A. comedy club The Comedy Store, and first-time guest Brandi Brown -- herself a comic -- is joining us to talk about it! Around The Dial takes us through Emily In Paris, Polar Bear's Café, and Paramount's doc I Am Richard Pryor. CoreyAH challenges us to cast the Hallmark Christmas movies of tomorrow, today! Then, after her successful pitch of "Senegal," Françoise goes back to the Parts Unknown well to pitch us the "Houston" episode. We crown the week's Winner and Loser; then it's on to a Game Time that takes place in front of an unadorned brick wall. Join us -- but just so you know, there's a two-drink minimum!


  • The Comedy Store
  • ATD: Emily In Paris
  • ATD: Polar Bear's Café
  • ATD: I Am Richard Pryor
  • Extra Credit: Counting Down To The Countdown To Christmas 2035
  • The Canon: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown S08.E05: Houston
  • Winner and Loser of the Week
  • Game Time: My Name Is [Blank] And You've Been Great



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