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Optical inventory is such a pain in the ass to do. In fact, most opticians and offices don't even bother doing it! It's time-consuming and frankly a very manual process.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is making optical inventory so much easier. It's the same tech used to get into hotel rooms or cars when you are nearby and holding a card / keyfob.

Just imagine being up to do an inventory of 1000 frames in 10 minutes by simply walking around waving a smartphone at frame displays and inventory being done rapidly fast! No pen, no paper, no excel sheets, no typing things.

WaveRFID is leading the way in providing optical inventory management systems that integrate with EHRs. Track frame turns, get 100% accurate sales data, reduce theft, free up optician time, order frames from manufactures with 2 clicks, and more.

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