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The Dragon and the Wolf discuss why Roger Goodell might not be so bad, if playing the Madden video game is a good alibi, voting out the incumbents, why “Marshall Mathers LP” is the “Terminator 2” of hip-hop movies, our final breakdown of “The Last Dance” and much more.

⏺ “Football is Racist”: Roger and the Rooney Rule (8:46)

Allegedlies” (15:58)

⏺ “Soccer is for Pussies” Bundesliga is back (30:27)

⏺ “Political Workshop”: opposite Election Day (41:25)

⏺ “Gully Music for the Streets” (48:03)

⏺ “Top-5”: Sports Docs (1:13:36)

⏺ “The Last Dance” recap + final thoughts (1:28:42)

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