Courses without Chaos with Brittany Dixon of Process for Profit by Brittany & Co.


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Brittany Dixon helps highly driven visionary entrepreneurs implement day to day operations management, project management, systems, processes and strategy to free up their time to do big things in their zone of genius.

She is a mother of twin girls, who spent 12 years in Customer Service, Event Planning, and Hospitality before starting her entrepreneurial journey in 2015 with a professional organizing business, then in 2017 she ventured into the online business world.

We didn’t start a business because we love the mundane day-to-day tasks that go into running a business - right?

But, operations are essential to growth, and in this episode we’re going to discuss growing our businesses by creating an efficient and streamlined course experience.

She’s a podcaster, business strategist, and a productivity and efficiency coach. I’m excited to introduce you to the founder of Process for Profit by Brittany & Co., Brittany Dixon...

In This Episode You'll Learn
  • Some of the reasons why an entrepreneur would want to consider adding a course to their offerings?
  • The tool set most entrepreneurs use to create courses and membership sites.
  • Problems typically faced when creating a course.
  • Tips to simplify the addition of a course to your current business offerings - including specific tools and strategies.
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