Navigating the Money Fog with Brenda St. Louis


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Today's guest is an inspirational speaker, coach and activator. With over two decades of hands- on experience in business and personal growth she is passionate about creating innovative ways to teach both Financial and Emotional Literacy. As a Financial Therapist and Money Coach her approach to money is unique and transformational. Gifted with a powerful intuition and a social justice lens, she uses money to positively impact the world. I'm excited to introduce you to the founder of REWIRE, Brenda St. Louis.

In This Episode You'll Learn
  • What creates the money fog and how to deal with it.
  • Why we disassociate around money concepts or even basic discussions around money.
  • Two techniques to stop the Money Fog in it's tracks.
  • Simple Hypnotherapy to listen to to create more ease.
  • Be able to notice how money connects us or disconnects us in under 5 mins.
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