Episode 29: The Judas Priest Episode with writer Avinash Mittur


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Writer/Wild Hunt bassist Avinash Mittur and I geek out over Judas Priest and discuss their stellar new record, lineup changes, the awesome Firepower tour set list, the landmine that is Nostradamus, and his recent conversations with K.K. Downing, Les Binks and the Metal God himself. http://www.invisibleoranges.com/stained-class-judas-priest/ http://www.invisibleoranges.com/rob-halford-interview/ http://www.invisibleoranges.com/judas-priest-firepower-review/ http://www.invisibleoranges.com/interview-tom-allom-jack-ruston-judas-priest-producer/ https://www.eleventhvision.com/ fathomingheavy@gmail.com facebook.com/fathomingheavy twitter.com/FathomingHeavy

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