Jesus According to Matthew Part 2


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From December 22, Charlie Blount finishes a 2 part series on Matthew's view of Jesus the Messiah. In Matthew 2, we see various responses that people have to the idea of Jesus as King. Excerpt from the message: Now while you and I might look at that [Herod’s] response and say, “Man is that not extreme? That a guy is so paranoid about losing his kingship, he would go and have mass murder committed against small male children.” I think if we’re not careful, we fail to see the same problem that exists in our own hearts. Because while many of us are content with the Jesus that might save us from hell, many of us are threatened by the idea of a Jesus who has come to rule and reign over our heart and life.
Herod was threatened; the king's advisers were indifferent; but the magi search for the King to worship Him. What is your response to the King?

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