Episode 52 - How the Becoming Fearless Programme changed my life with Mira Patel


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This is a special episode. It has been 4 months since the Becoming Fearless Programme started and Mira was the first ever woman to join. She had been following FF Instagram and FB page and all of the free exercises and took all the content on board, but wanted more. She wanted the support, knowledge and accountability to really see changes in her life.

Before joining the programme, Mira was (in her own words) all over the place with no direction, had no confidence and didn’t know how to reach her goals. During the discovery call, she learnt more about her blockers, her goals, how the programme would support her and she was set to start. She had made incredible progress in the 12 weeks, but recognised the benefits of our work, so continued working with Chandni on a 1:1 basis.

She made changes from Day 1 and now after the programme, she is more confident, has a clear direction, has progressed in her career and also relationships. On this podcast, Mira talks us through what life was like before the programme, her experiences of working with me and the Becoming Fearless Programme, the benefits, the changes she’s experienced and her future plans. You can check out more about Fearless Females below.

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