Jackie Danchek, OFX Head of Corporate Clients - North America


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My guest this week is Jackie Danchek. Jackie is Head of Corporate and eCommerce Dealing for North America at International Fintech Company, OFX.

According to Jackie, the finance and tech industries have always had many obstacles for women looking to make their way into a leadership position. She says, Although it’s a step toward breaking down barriers into the Wall Street - boy’s club, the recent news of Jane Fraser’s appointment to CEO at Citigroup is only a small victory. Jackie has many insights to share from her career as an expert and leader in the complex high stakes area of finance, that is international currency exchange - where she helps businesses move money across borders. She’s going to tell us more about being in finance and tech and so much more. .

Hear Jackie recall her thoughts about the 2016 election at 23:06min

"I can remember... I mean the election in 2016 was a real turning point in my life. And, I was angry, I was sad. I can remember going to the polls that day, with my cousin, we were both so excited, we were like, this is the day we've been waiting for, that a women's going to be President. I'm so proud that I'm voting in this election. And then, it just all came crashing down and went the other way, and at the time it felt like, oh my gosh, how did this happen. Her book being titled "What Happened" is so appropriate, - that's exactly what I was saying. And I think that was kind of the point in my life where I was like, ok, just because I'm a women in finance that doesn't mean that I need to be held back."

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