128: Sacred Transformation #3: Let's Talk About the Power of Fear and Love, and How to Work with Both Wisely


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We often hear things like choose love over fear. Or that love is the only thing that is real. Or that we have the power within us to transform fear into love. But what does that really mean? And how does that apply to the massive transformation we are in collectively and personally right now, in a way that is practical?

Knowing how fear and love work within you, and how they can be used and show up within our collective social situations is essential at this time.

Fear can be used to manipulate, trigger, create fields of more fear in ways we don't even see... unless we know what to look for.

We can react to fear, vs. respond from love because of the primal imprints rooted in scarcity and fear that we don't even know are within us... unless we know what to look for.

Most of us didn't get a Fear and Love 101, 201, 301 class in school. And with the amount of fear that is being activated, we could all use an uplevel of our consciousness to see the fear being triggered within us, and the fear being used to control, distract, and disconnect us from truth, love and freedom.

Within each of us lies the super power we need at this time to use the transformation happening to do what is called "alchemize and transmute" lower vibrations, to elevate and create higher vibrations, that have the power to lead us to healing, freeing and wholeness.

That's what we will do in today's session #3 of 3 in the Sacred Transformation Series: Let's Talk About the Power of Fear and Love, and How to Work with Both, Wisely.

We can use this energy to heal, free, and create new realities - for ourselves, others and this world - but not if we aren't wise about the energies within us, and around us, and what we are consciously or unconsciously contributing too.

Here are some wisdom bytes to chew on and some ways to make what I shared in the podcast real, as awareness practices:

1. Where there is no fear, there is no anger, no anxiety, and no absoluteness.

2. Become more aware of the root primal fears that have been imprinted into your body/mind/heart/spirit - through experiences you have had, and through the collective imprinting of this overculture. Fear of death, not feeling safe, not having enough, not being enough, etc.

3. Your body is like a broadcasting station that can emit and run frequency fear or love. Know the signs of both.Become more aware of when you respond from anger, anxiety and absolutes - that is fear.

4. Fear has many shades as does Love, but in the English language we only have one word for love. Expand your understanding of Love = compassion, tenderness, patience, understanding, affection, fierce truth from the heart, kindness, connection and more.

5. Become more aware of the interactions, situations, and 'fields' you are in, that cause you or others to react in anger, anxiety or absoluteness (it has to be this way, you have to do it this way).

6. Be conscious how you participate - don't engage in activity that adds to the frenzy, froth, fragmentation or reactivity. See it, even have compassion for it, just don't waste your chi on it.

7. To participate - ELEVATE and CREATE a deeper, expansive, love-centered conversation that seeks understanding and a higher consciousness. Or to participate ILLUMINATE the HATE, speaking from your fierce heart.

8. Take care of your heart - feed it love, so it can be stronger in it's frequency, so you like a Phoenix Rising you can transmute and alchemize denser emotions through love into a higher reality for yourself and others. I'll share some ways in the podcast.

9. Open your WISE EYES to see how people and systems may be using fear to create a swirl or field of mass consciousness that feeds on fear and keeps people stuck in their lower minds. Say NO to letting that kind of energy be okay with you, for you, or for those you love and lead.

So much to share, which is why in addition to this podcast series on Feminine Power Time, on July 5th, I am taking part in the Truth and Reconciliation Weekend, offering a Sacred Transformation: Creating a Path of Stability and Sustainability As We Shift. RSVP www.FeminineWisdomWeekend.com

Together, rooted in love, for real, in it's power, we will rise, more free as people and planet .... this is possible.

With love



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