Popcorn - Star Wars and the Light Side of the Bangalore Watch Company


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Fifth Wrist Presents Popcorn...The Podcast! Your weekly fix of pop culture and watches! This week, Charith (@charithsir), Sidd (@sidd.pad) and special guest, the Sith Lord himself Martin (@wineddinedtimed) break down all things Star Wars! This episode gets REALLY GEEKY! Martin does his infamous character impersonations as we go to a Galaxy Far Far Away... The greatest Star War Movies. Charith has a melt down over the ranker. We uncover some suprisingly good Star Wars watches. Martin does the Deserted Island Quiz. Banagalore Watch Company FINALLY get the attention they deserve! Instagram recommendations: Charith: @mjbiercuk Sidd: @horomariobro The Watch Regulator: @pygmailongallery Movie recommendation: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Star Was Episode V: Empire Strikes Back, Mrs Doubtfire, Kung Fu Hustle Awesome intro by Cathy (@cathy_whittaker) Follow us on Instagram @fifthwrist Check out the website https://fifthwrist.com/ Don't forget to review, like and subscribe to Fifth Wrist Radio wherever you listen to your podcasts!

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