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Enter The Vintage Hen-House, pick a perch, and listen to Benoît (@Petitesecondes) and his co-hosts chat to vintage watch collectors from all over the world about their collection, the vintage watch world, and many other things. Let's talk about the good, the bad and the ugly stories that we can all share about collecting vintage watches!

Host: Benoît @Petitesecondes

Co-host: @thewatchregulator

Guest: Kevin @mechanical_time

In this episode, Alex and Benoît have a chat with Adam, a vintage watch collector also known as @mechanical_time on Instagram. They talk about vintage forgotten brands, 1970s ashtrays, ebay search strategies and how a microbrand vintage reissue can be very very cool!

Theme music by Jotunn @picodon_conan Enjoy the show! Don't forget to grab an egg on your way home!

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