Sean Highdale former Liverpool FC player talks about car crash tragedy, to recovery & GB Paralympics - Fighting Demons Podcast - Jon Edge & Matty Edge


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Former #Liverpool player Sean Highdale - @seanhighdale opens up on the @ffightingdemons podcast... After car crash tragedy, sadly loosing close friends in the accident. Thoughts and prayers with all the families affected. Whether you're an #Everton fan or #Liverpoolfc supporter #football unites people as do friendships, and families being strong representing #england as an #international then after his #recovery joining the #paralympian #team #paralympics with #greatbritain #gb Let us know in the comments what #adversity has challenged you? Coming soon... #Fightingdemonspodcast giving people a platform to share there stories, we’re all fighting demons some are just better at hiding them ❤️🙏🥊 #pingping
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This is the Fighting Demons Podcast, we are building a community platform to inspire the next generation. We all have a story to tell, we want to highlight the importance in talking about your problems and give you a voice. Everyone fights demons in their life, turning negative situations into a positive reality and developing a resilience to negativity. We advocate finding strength through courage, overcoming adversity and challenging the stigma in society in men's mental health. I’m Jon Edge, I have a big mouth and a big heart. I personally have overcome many struggles, that’s why I’ve put my face to this initiative. I’ve used sport and boxing to fight my demons, being Head Boxing Coach at Halewood ABC, I realise the positive foundation that fighting disciplines have given me and still continue to give me to this day. I want to share what I’ve learned by working alongside some great boxing coaches at our amateur club in South Liverpool and growing the community as well as the youth of tomorrow. I also work with many talented personal trainers at our satellite location Cinetico Fitness Centre. You will get fitness advice, tips & tricks from a boxing based specialist, and an insight into the day to day activities at both of our sites, sharing the laughs and sometimes the tears… My brother, Director and Filmmaker Matthew Edge, is the glue behind it all. As a creative mind and an artist he finds his escape through capture and storytelling. But don’t worry, he’s still working toward the "Fighting Demons" documentary too, it’s been a form of therapy for us both. Join us today by subscribing to the podcast. Change starts with you! #fightingdemons #pingping 🥊

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