295 – Pandemic Week 4, The Plot Against America, Wall-E and Movies with Hope


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This week, the podcast attempts to go back to format, but everyone's boundaries of topic are still a bit indistinct. We check-up with everyone for a Quarentine Check-IN that involves some Spider-Man cartoon talk at the very end. David and Katey talk about The Plot Agianst America which is halfway through its run on HBO. Finally, in honor of Katey and Patches both watching Wall-E this week, we probe what gives us hope from movies.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Nailed it!

01:53- Intro – Welcome to Episode 295! Reviews!

13:19 – Tidbit – Quarentine Check-In

30:27 – Mini-Segment – The Plot Against America

41:10 – Segment 3 – Wall-E and movies that make you feel good

1:04:39 – Outro

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