How to Explain Why You’re Looking for Another Job, with Susan Peppercorn


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What do you say when a hiring manager asks you why you’re looking for a new job? If this question makes you feel defensive, Find Your Dream Job guest Susan Peppercorn says you need to find a way to put a positive spin on your answer, even if the truth is that you were fired or laid off. Hiring managers understand difficult situations, so don’t be afraid to be honest, while not spewing negativity toward a former employer. Susan advises focusing on what you bring to the table and why you’re interested in working with that company.

About Our Guest:

Susan Peppercorn( is a coach, writer, and speaker. She’s passionate about helping people move from surviving to thriving in their careers. Susan is the author of the bestselling “Ditch Your Inner Critic At Work: Evidence-Based Strategies To Thrive In Your Career.“ (

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