Why You Need to Fail in Your Career, with Dan Cumberland


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Are you afraid of failure in your career or workplace? Failure certainly gets a bad rap in today’s job market. The truth is taking risks and facing failure head on allows you to be your best self at work. Find Your Dream Job guest Dan Cumberland says that fear of failure can cause you to hold back and not share your best ideas with your employer, but taking risks can help you to advance in your career and reach your goals. Dan also shares how to talk to hiring managers about your past failures and why you must fail in order to succeed.

About Our Guest:

Dan Cumberland (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dancumberland/) is the host of The Meaning Movement podcast (http://themeaningmovement.com/), where he curates advice on finding your passion, calling, and life's work. Dan is on a mission to support people in finding and doing their best work in any way that he can.

Resources in This Episode:
  • If you need help figuring out the next steps in your life and career, get Dan’s free mini-course, “Five Clues to Your Calling,” by visiting https://thecallingcourse.com/
  • To hear more from Dan and his fascinating guests, be sure to listen to his podcast, http://themeaningmovement.com.
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