#61 Finding Purpose, Giving Love | Rachel Bell on Life and Business Coaching | Pay Day with Ray Ray


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Living a life defined by self discovery, personal development, and putting out positive energy, Rachel Bell fulfilled her longtime dream of helping others by becoming a life coach. While she took a fascinating route through entrepreneurship, art, and social media marketing to reach her position helping those around her, she learned how to empathetically share her philosophy with those around her.

As a podcaster, hosting Pay Day with Ray Ray, and running her wildly successful business coaching course Vortex, she helps aspiring leaders take important steps towards loving themselves and others in order to get what they actually want out of life. Informed by her eclectic life experiences, from a farm in Colorado to independence across the Pacific, Rachel shares insights from her most intense memories and role models.

Join us as we talk about her unique journey to her even more unique position as she shares insightful advice on everything from business management, to marketing, to living a fulfilling life.

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