Do you know creditshelf? It is Germany‘s only listed pure play fintech


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In this interview, we talk to Dr. Daniel Bartsch, COO, and Co-Founder of Frankfurt-based creditshelf. It is a novelty since it IPOed successfully in Frankfurt in summer 2018 with a volume of 16.5 m Euros and so became (as of October 2018) the first - and for now, the only - listed pure-play fintech from Germany to be listed. Creditshelf is a credit market place, where small and medium businesses can lend money up to 5 mn Euros.

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During this interview we talk about the startup, the IPO process and Daniel describes why the preparations for an IPO need as long as a baby.

In the interview, you will also learn why they are different from LendingClub or FundingCircle. If you speak German, you can also listen to the first interview from Joern with the CTO of creditshelf in the Fall of 2016 here:

or here the interview with ZenCap, a Rocket Internet-backed startup, now part of FundingCircle:

Find the video here:

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