Fire Foray With Tony Rice Featuring Sanjeev Mehta from Krav Maga Defence Tactics


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Award winning Broadcaster Tony Rice with interesting, successful guests. They chew the fat on life, the achievement mentality and those issues of the day. All in an entertaining and engaging style, the style only possible around the fire.

This episode features one of the Head Trainers from Krav Maga Defence Tactics Sanjeev Mehta Sanjeev explains his own odyssey through the Martial Arts and how Krav Maga as a fighting style is itself constantly evolving. Sanjeev is also a trained Counsellor and NLP Master and it is fascinating to learn how these skills enrich his students confidence as they develop within Krav Maga.

We discuss:

+ The varied Martial Arts experiences gained by Sanjeev

+ The fluid quality of Krav Maga and how this has bona fide real life benefits

+ The empowerment of students and Coaches in KMDT

+ The importance of confidence and body language not just in Martial Arts but applied to real life situations

+ A few easy to apply methods for us all to gain increased focus and productivity

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