What AI Can Tell Us About Consumer Behaviour with Helen Kontozopoulos, Co-Founder, ODAIA.ai


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TribalScale CEO Sheetal Jaitly is joined by fellow martini lover Helen Kontozopoulos, Co-Founder& CGO of ODAIA.ai. Artificial Intelligence is on everyone's minds lately - how can it help society as a whole? How can it help my company sell better, understand our clientele better? Helen breaks it down for us. ODAIA.ai helps companies understand their customers through the power and seemingly "magic" intelligence of the newly emerging AI world. From being a Computer Science prof at the University of Toronto to co-founding the idea of truly grasping and knowing the customer journey, Helen chats her story and those privacy issues that keep coming up, contact tracing, partnerships, and how the business of AI has only just begun to take the world by storm!

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