Canadian Investing in the U.S. with Glen Sutherland


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We are joined by Glen Sutherland, a Canadian real estate investor from Cambridge, ON. He currently resides there with his wife and two terrific children.

Glen started his investing journey purchasing ‘buy and hold’ rental real estate locally. After a lot of research, he learned of more favorable laws, lower property taxes, and lower cost of entry south of the border.

In this episode, Glenn will share with us his current properties and locations. He will also talk about his single-family and multifamily space investments.


  • Glen’s backstory of how he came and invested in the United States
  • The steps, requirements, and processes on how Canadians could invest in the United States
  • Comparison and Differences between investing in Canada and in the United States.
  • The strategies and restrictions and their impact on investing in both countries
  • Deals you can find at a $100k budget
  • Taking note of the appreciation rates and steady growth before making an investment
  • Process and things that should be considered in a tenant eviction process



Podcast: A Canadian Investing in the U.S. with Glen Sutherland


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