Chris Rood, Top Wholesaling Coach Talks Strategy, Future Trends, Personal Outlook & Lessons from His Struggles to Triumph


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Today's guest Chris Rood, Top Real Estate Wholesale Coach in the USA and Canada. Chris is a full-time Real Estate investor, business owner, and Real Estate Coach who specializes in Wholesaling, Fix and Flip, and Mobile Home Parks. In this episode, we dive into Chris's inspiring story behind the success and pure hustle, undergoing rehabilitation and transformation. Chris shares with us how his high and lows in house flipping and how he came across wholesaling. Highlights: -Chris' story of redemption and purification after being diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed with prescription drugs he describes like legal crystal meth -How Chris started his first business out the back of his truck -How he made $125k in his mid 20's -The high and lows in investing -A significant event in the economy in 2014 that led him to the idea of Wholesaling -The importance of upgrading yourself first and adding more value to it -The future Real Estate Market and how to turn it into an opportunity -Considering demographics and population, why Chris chose to invest in Mobile Home Parks -Valuable lessons and advice from Chris for newbie investors

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