Full Show (Patriots + Jimmy G, 49ers defense + Patrick Mahomes, Dak's contract, Brady's future, Zion Williamson)


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-Should the Patriots regret the Jimmy G trade? (00:05)

-How hard is it for the 49ers defense to prepare for Patrick Mahomes? (09:38)

-Do the Cowboys have to make Dak the highest paid player in the NFL? (19:26)

-Where should Tom Brady play next year? (24:11)

-Eric Mangini joins to discuss what Shanahan can learn from blowing the 28-3 lead over the Patriots in Super Bowl LI. (30:59)

-Eric Mangini returns to talk about whether the Patriots should regret the Jimmy G trade. (39:49)

-In Or Out? (46:36)

-Will Zion Williamson dominate right away? (51:37)

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