Full Show (Zion's NBA debut, Chiefs, Jimmy G, TO + McNabb + Brian Westbrook, Eli Manning)


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-How impressive was Zion Williamson in his NBA debut? (00:05)

-Is the Chiefs’ season a failure if they don’t win the Super Bowl? (9:30)

-Do you trust Jimmy G if Super Bowl LIV comes down to him? (18:12)

-Brian Westbrook reacts to Terrell Owens calling him out on social media in response to Donovan McNabb. (24:53)

-Is Eli Manning a Hall of Fame quarterback? (31:42)

-Chris Canty joins to comment on the Chiefs’ season and postseason. (40:17)

-In Or Out? (47:12)

-Are injuries the only thing that can keep Zion from being a Hall of Fame talent? (52:48)

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