Can Weed Boost Testosterone & Is Self-Esteem a Health Hoax?


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On Our Minds (0:41)
If you have high self-esteem does that automatically make you healthy? That's what Cosmo magazine seems to be saying. The publication shared 11 women's stories, and then labeled them all as healthy on their magazine cover. In big bold font. Check it out.
What they didn't include in the article was any valid health markers. There were no blood tests, heart rate metrics, nor was there any real proof of physical wellness: just stories about self esteem. So what is it that makes a person healthy?
As editors of a fitness publication we had to discuss it.
Quiz (13:28)
Think of the most bizarre eating plan you can conjure up. Now google it. Why? Because there's a good chance someone has already turned it into a diet book. And that's how this real-or-fake quiz was created.
See if you can guess which of these diets are real and which ones are bogus. Hint: they're all a little bogus.
Newsflash (25:03)
A lot of lifters have always just assumed that marijuana lowers testosterone levels. That was the general consensus and the research was kind of all over the place. But a recent study shows that that's not the case. Check it out.
And in fact, it may even have the ability to elevate testosterone levels somewhat. Now, some experts speculate that it probably doesn't do much as far as raising T-levels, but even so, this is still a win for those who use cannabis.
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