How to Have More Sex, The Irony of Masculinity & Getting Fit With HIT


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• Why are people REALLY having less sex? We think we know, and there's a way to buck the trend.
• Are psychopathic men attractive to women? One study says so. Here's how to use that info to get more action (without being an actual psychopath).
• What's up with the over-the-top machismo complex? It's just as bad as the soy boy complex. We dig into that and break it down.
• Is perfect technique always a must? One listener wants to know if he should continue doing sets of HIT-style training even after his form has broken down. We've both got advice, but it's not the same.
• What's the most ethical way to get a dog? Rescue. We talk about shelter dogs and reasons to consider a mixed breed.
• What dessert topping is Chris obsessed with? We've got the details.
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