How to Stay Sexy During a Layoff & The Truth About Training Obsession


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On Our Minds
What can you do to keep from gaining fat during a layoff? We answer a listener's question about staying lean while recovering from surgery. But this info applies no matter what's keeping you from getting your regularly-scheduled workouts.
Can you pass our quiz on insane celebrity transformations? If you've been keeping up with entertainment news, you'll probably ace this. (Or at least beat Dani.)
A recent study shows that there are two types of runners: Those who are obsessively passionate and those who are harmoniously passionate. One of those is NOT super healthy. And you can see these two groups among all exercisers – even lifters. We get into the details on exercise obsession and discuss some of the ridiculous things lifters say.
The Shugart Cart
It's either a mini pizza crust, a street taco tortilla, or a piece of bread. Chris discovered a food that can be all three. And the extra good news? It's low carb and grain free.
And are wigs outdated or are they all the rage? And if celebrities are wearing them, why can't we? Dani is transforming her look with a bright red one this week and it's driving Chris insane.
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