The 8 Am Workout Advantage, Health Vs Paranoia & The Wedding Ring Paradox


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On Our Minds
A person could go crazy being scared of every potential toxin and pollutant in the world. But are there some things worth avoiding? We get into the details of a few products we avoid and why. And if you'd like to take a deeper dive, check out these articles:
The New Chemicals That Make You Store Fat
The T-Killing Toxins
This week's quiz is all about marriage and health... and healthy marriage. See if you can get all the answers correctly!
Here are the topics we covered:
Spouses Who Keep a Secret Stash
Marriage Statistics
Wedding Rings
Divorce Rate
Couples Who Exercise Together
Fitness professionals (almost) always say that the best time to work out is whenever you HAVE time. Do it when you can. But if you have the choice, then new research is showing that the best time – for your health – is between 8-10 AM. Why? It has to do with melatonin production and cancer prevention. Check out the study here: Exercise Timing and Cancer
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