The New Spot Reduction, Big Ass Calves & The Silent Muscle Killer


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On Our Minds
Is spot reduction impossible? That's what most people say, but it seems like there's a little more to it. Check out our experiences and what a few (more progressive) coaches are saying.
It's all about exercise science. How does HIIT affect your sleep if you do it before bed? What do big calves have to do with life expectancy? What's the best way to isolate the hamstrings? Test your knowledge, then get the details on these questions and more!
You constantly hear about the importance of sleep. It's almost a boring topic now. But missing out on it does more than just make you tired and hungry for carbs. This study shows that it'll also mess with your body composition – even when you're doing a very strict diet. This will motivate you to hit the sack early tonight!
Shugart Cart
My cart contains a giant calendar. If you're following me on "the gram" you've seen it before. And Chris is recommending a beer for special occasions.
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