The World Is Not Enough - Building Lewis Hamilton's Empire 🤑


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Lewis Hamilton is now a six-time world champion. We’ve talked about his driving style a lot. So we thought it was time to look at his crossover appeal to the world outside of Formula 1, where he’s creating a business empire. Several things jumped out about this, not least the statistic that a single social media post by Lewis is worth $40,000. From one alpha male to another. We look at Charles Leclerc this month “Ferrari’s new alpha” is the headline. And in a fantastically opportune piece of timing, the two Ferraris collided on track last weekend. Looking ahead to 2021, Formula 1 has now actually released the details of how the rules will work on and off the track. We’ve published an explainer in our ‘Insider’ section but it’s clear that these rules are still a work in progress. The budget cap is something that’s been tried before and it hasn’t worked. What are the chances of it happening now?

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