A Cryptoeconomic Designer's View of Markets w/ Matt Chwierut From Smith + Crown (Ep. 0066)


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Welcome to this conversation with Matt Chwierut, co-founder and Director of Research at Smith + Crown (S+C), a blockchain research organization that regularly publishes on cryptoassets and cryptoeconomic systems. This episode is special because it’s one of the few times that Matt has shared his thoughts in public. Much of what S+C does takes place behind the scenes.

This conversation with Matt is split into 3 chapters:

  1. An intro to cryptoeconomic design
  2. How S+C applies cryptoeconomic design principles
  3. A Q&A covering S+C's advisory work, the evolving case for Bitcoin & more

The episode also covers the following:

  • Today’s BTC-dominated market
  • Why cryptoeconomic design goes unappreciated
  • How a utility token can become valuable
  • Cryptoeconomics and stablecoins
  • Ethereum and the Fat Protocol thesis



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