Ep #141 Sense and Sensibility Rhianna Dhillon from BBC 6music and James from King BBC Radio 2 both formerly on BBC Radio 1


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Rhianna Dhillon (BBC 6music, previously Radio 1) and James King BBC Radio 2, also previously Radio 1) join Flixwatcher to review Rhianna’s choice Sense and Sensibility.

Sense and Sensibility is the 1995 Ang Lee directed adaptation of the Jane Austen classic starring Emma Thompson (winning Best Adapted Screenplay), Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant I’m supporting roles. It tells the story of the Dashwood girls, who after the death of their father are left in “ruin” with only their half brother John to look after them financially. After they are moved to a more modest house the older sisters Elinor (Thompson) and Marianne (Winslet) fall in love with various characters, with their respective ‘sense’ and ‘sensibility’ reflected in their interactions. An absolute must for any Austen fan, this version allowed Thompson to bring her own flourish to a well loved classic and it was largely well received. Questionable whether non Austen aficionados would find it as charming, especially given its two hour run time. Scores

[supsystic-tables id=147] There was mostly a lot of love for Sense and Sensibility and it scored generously on recommendability but slight lower on engagement due to the two hour run time, giving an overall score of 3.89. What do you guys think? Have you seen Sense and Sensibility? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments below!

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