FRL 530 - Nick Suriano Re-Enrolls At Rutgers


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Run of Show

0:00 - It’s camp szn in Wisconsin

0:05 - Nick Suriano re-enrolls at Rutgers

0:12 - Spencer Lee weight and how long he wants to wrestle update

0:15 - How USA men’s freestyle World Championship results have drastically changed since 2008

0:27 - Why did Team USA struggle so much 2008-2010

0:31 - What wrestlers could have stayed in the sport in that era?

0:34 - Ben tries to figure another one of our contributors

0:36 - We get an update on what’s going on with Sadulaev and he’s got two ADAMS warnings

0:42 - Bono supports our Wisconsin high school ranker, but Ben still wants to fire him

0:44 - We get back to talking about Sadulaev and all the kids he wants

0:48 - The foreign wrestling star IG post of the day

0:50 - We finally get a life update on Denis Tsargush

0:54 - Questions from friends

0:57 - Spey joins the show for a social studies lesson

01:07 - Circling back to questions from friends

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