Is Anything too Difficult? Jeremiah 32:27


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God tells Jeremiah, "I AM. Is anything too difficult for me?" I need to memorize this verse. Jeremiah is in prison. The 2nd siege of Jerusalem is at hand. Babylon is about to wipe way the Jews, but not really. In fact God just had Jeremiah buy some land! Let that sink in. Jeremiah is in prison! The city is under siege. Nations disappeared back in this time. During their lives, they had seen other nations get absorbed by a conquering nation and the name and the people were gone. But God tells Jeremiah to buy some land.

What does this tell you today? Because of who you are and who you belong to, you can step into any problem. You can look for ways to serve others in any situation. Is anything too difficult for God? Where do we need to go beyond our comfort zone? Where do we need to give more than we think we can? Can you give more than you're asked? Can you go an extra mile? Can you give more than seems reasonable? As Mike recorded this, he even talked about his own conviction. Let's let God move us into an area where our actions seem extreme but God gets the glory.

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