Sacred Work Part 2 1 Corinthians 9:24-25


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Don't blow your race. We're all in a race. YOLO means we only live once. Sometimes that becomes an excuse to do some stupid things. But if we really only live once, there is something special about this life. How we live this life matters. Paul took it very seriously. He wanted the Corinthians to consider this as race with only one winner. And he challenged them to compete in such a way that they might win.

For most of my life, I've treated my spiritual life as something to be neglected. I would check into my spiritual life and walk with God when it mattered, on a retreat, or when I had time. Only in the last few years, when I started treating my eternal life as something that I live now, did I realize that I could punch-in any time. But I can't compete any time. I need to prepare. I need to read the Bible. I need to pray. I need to practice interacting with God, meditate on scripture, and think more. I need to prepare to compete.

How do you treat your life? Do you consider that you're competing for a prize that won't ever fade away or deteriorate. Do you have some old high school trophies laying around? I don't even know what happened to mine. Our prize from God won't deteriorate, or become passed.

Would you like to live valuing the prize better, check out tomorrow's podcast, but also go to and sign up for the next Marketplace Mission Trip. We will practice running the race for 2 weeks beginning January 31. Even if you're listening to this long after January 31, go to and sign up for the next trip.

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