Welfare Not Calamity Jeremiah 29:11


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As the Jews are going into exile, God instructs Jeremiah to send this note to them. In the note, he tells them they'll be in captivity 70 years (vs. 10) and then he tells them this. Often, we hear people us this as a promise for prosperity for us today.

I think of this as a promise for all time. Unfortunately, the hardship has to come first. Often, we want to bypass the 70 years of hardship. Can I trust God when all else looks bleak? Can we trust God when difficult things happen?

God plans for our good, our welfare. But our circumstances are not outside of his control, either. God clearly uses Babylon to punish the Jews. Yet he also tells them he plans for their good. When we talk about a particular difficulty, I'm not qualified to respond. However I know however bad things get, God plans for my good. To the degree that I am able, I want to do good in response because I have a vision of the end, and I trust the One making the promise.

Do you practice doing good in response to the bad going on? Can you say you look beyond even this life, or this 70 years to when God will deliver on his promise for our welfare? Can we help you? Why not check out our online community at https://community.followerofone.org and learn more?

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