Food 360 Live with Amanda Mouttaki from MarocMama


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Have you ever dreamed of living in a foreign country as an expat? Amanda Mouttaki better known as “MarocMama” from her successful travel website, not only moved from Michigan to Morocco but created the very successful Marrakesh Food Tours company abroad with her husband. In this episode, Marc explores through Amanda’s eyes what it’s really like to live in a foreign country in North Africa and how food and food tours can connect adventurous travelers with local people and places on a more authentic level. You’ll hear about the traditions of Moroccan tea, tagines and the beautiful concept of community ovens. They’ll dive into the art of haggling and describe the bright, bustling experiences you can have in the Marrakesh medina and markets. And what they’ve been doing since being in lockdown and how travel will look in the near future.

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