Ep 39: Baby Yodios


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Cheese dip, f*ck yeah. By the way, we curse* in this podcast. This is your first and last warning, new listeners. Oh, and also, welcome!

In Episode 39, hosts Alyce & Laura are here to sh*t all over the latest and greatest in stupid Star Wars rumors, name the newest cereals and get you up to speed on the news!

  • We have made our demands clear: Let Rats Mate
  • The sequel trilogy ain’t going anywhere. Sorry, haters.
  • Mandalorian books! Activity books! Cereal? Music video! John Corbett’s flowing locks!
  • Planning to read Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising in September? Not a bad idea to get your head in the game early.
  • What is the strategy with Aphra?
  • Why is the moon red?
  • Alyce found the hardest Star Wars trivia in Trivial Pursuit
  • What is “tex-mex”?
  • Send your voicemail that BETTER INCLUDE A BURP to forcetoastpod@gmail.com

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*This podcast contains a sh!t ton of profanity and boozin. You can find a bleeped version of this podcast absolutely nowhere. Cheers!

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