How are You so Forking Positive? ft. @katieforbesfit


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This week we're joined by one of our gorgeous friends Katie Forbes (@katieforbesfit) who also happens to be the most positive person we know! Positivity is something we could all do with a bit more of in our life and we thought that Katie was the perfect person to talk to about this.
Katie let's us in on her morning routine, her 'happy playlists' and positive practices that continue to boost her mood everyday!
We hope you are left smiling as much as we were after this episode!
After muting our podcast last week to help amplify voices we felt needed to be heard more, we are back with the ultimate feel-good episode. We wanted to address that despite resuming to 'normal' content, we feel passionate about carrying on the conversation. We want this platform to feel like a safe place and be as inclusive as possible, inviting people from all types of backgrounds. Below we have linked some helpful resources in regards to the #BlackLivesMatter movement and we hope the events of the past week will continue to result in us continuously working to support each other.
Black Lives Matter Resources:
If you are struggling with your Mental Health, please check out the following charities for additional support during this time:,,,
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