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Time to answer some of your nutrition questions! We usually host a "Catch Up" episode every now and then, to take a tiny break from the nutrition and facts to bring you more relatable and personable content. However, as our recent episodes have been quite personal and more lockdown-related, we thought we would skip the catch-up and go straight into the questions!
Listen to find out:
1. Why did Sophie cut out caffeine?
2. I'm struggling to sleep, do you have any tips?
3. What are the best foods to keep you healthy at this time?
4. Is it worth it to take a multivitamin?
5. I've been furloughed and want to start a new hobby, any ideas? (use our code and buy yourself a knitting kit)
6. Are artificial sweeteners better than regular sugar?
7. What's one of the best things about being in lockdown?
8. What's the first thing you're going to do after lockdown?
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