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Zo – Cry

AM – Make Believe

Lonely Together – Can’t Believe It

Lulu Lais - Waiting For A Call (Your Interlude)

Essem – Swear The Truth

1nfinity – Bones

You Folk – Winnowing

Sunflower Summit – Become Undone

Vince B – Shoot the Club Up

Sara Jackson-Holman – Supercinematic

Kritters – Perfected Time

Selena Vaughn – Blackstill

Lexxicon – Power Over Me

Voli Contra – Zeitgeist

Karyn Ann – Wasting Time

Palm Trees in Moscow – Blood in the Water

Gentlemen’s Crow – Did i get the picture?

Tay – I’m so sad

Selena Tibert – Where it’s Dark

Theremyn_4 - Nazca Cowboy (feat. Paul Bee Hampshire)

Happy Clinic – Lokomotiv

Collin Stanley – Gone Through Hell

Brystan – Minding My Business

Pure Topic – Mother Nature’s Wrath

Ero808 – Replacement

Cat Evers – Woman in Black

Geovanna Fleur – Plan A

CNA Devil – Dead to the World

Mimi Pretend – Awake With Me

Max Swan – Shackles

Remote Control – Take me back

Diana Bidèa – Lifeline

Favor Valentine – Figures

Melissa Mills – Benefits

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