FFS 366: VISITOR IDEA: First Impression AND Last Impression


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Today on the podcast, Sean speaks with Zach Matchett about first impressions and last impressions and where to put your focus.

A person will determine their impression of a place in the first 6-8 minutes of walking into your space. Making sure that you have great guest services when they first walk in can have a big factor of whether or not that visit might return.

Zach’s team really focused on making sure they were meeting the needs of the visitors during that first impression but thought about what they were missing out as the preteen was leaving. They began brainstorming about ways that they can make that last impression a positive one. The first plan that they are trying is by having their guest services team remain through the service. On the check in form there is one question that asks a preteen their favorite drink or candy. The team will then get that item for the preteen and give it to the small group leader to give to the student on their way out. Providing intentional individualized care to the preteens is their ultimate focus to make sure that not only coming but also leaving the preteen feels welcome and encouraged to return to the group. Listen to the podcast as Zach shares a second idea his team will be putting into play for 2020.

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