You Feel Bad About Your Necks: A Listener-led SPECTACULAR!


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WHOOOA THANK YOU! Thanks to an avalanche of tips, tricks, and questions from our EXCEPTIONALLY SMART AND SOPHISTICATED listeners, you can now:

  • Banish hat hair forever!
  • Depuff eye bags FOR REAL
  • Unravel the myths of body hair removal
  • Moisturize every inch of your skin (face! body! feet! elbows!! tips for each!!!)
  • Stretch out time even more between shampoos
  • Optimize nutrition on the go!
  • Thicken your hair (head and eyelashes!)
  • Rent Cam's LED mask for your face! Says Pri!
  • Buy fancy beauty things for yard sale prices
  • Follow your writing dreams!
  • Filter for cruelty-free products!

This and MANY MORE topics on today’s special you-fueled ep. Our next special ep, a Favorite Things Gift Guide, will be out next week!

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