LENTCAzT 2020: 42 – Tuesday of Holy Week: Inner Cross, Outer Cross


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Today is Tuesday in Holy Week. Closer day by day.

The Roman Station is Santa Prisca. We aren’t sure who she was, but there is a really cool tradition about her.

Fr. Troadec reflects on the Passion according to Mark, which we hear today in Holy Mass in the Traditional Roman Rite. Fulton Sheen gives us an image of unhappy souls.

In these podcasts I sometimes use snips from this lovely disc of music: Motecta Trium Vocum. Today’s choice is about someone longing for the Eucharist: Desidero mi Iesu.


Desídero mi Iesu,
Hoc Angelórum esu
Ut me refícias.
Fac, Iesu mi benígne,
Accéndam semper digne
Ad has divínas épulas
Hic cibus nutriméntum
Hic potus aliméntum
Sit meae ánimae
Det grátiam dum spiro
Sit in agóne diro
Pignus futúrae glóriae.
I desire, O my Jesus,
That you would refresh me
On this the food of angels:
Make me, my kind Jesus,
Always worthily approach
To this divine repast.
Let this food be a nutriment,
Let this drink be a nourishment,
Be unto my soul:
Let it give grace while I breathe,
In my final agony
Be it a pledge of future glory.

Future glory, and future Eucharistic Communions!

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