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In this PODCAzT I read for you the Latin version of the extract from the traditional Rituale Romanum of A Prayer In Times of Epidemics (RR Tit. IX. Ch. X).

It really should be done in Latin.

These devotions and the use of Latin slipped away. I can’t help but think that this was systematically and purposely stripped out of the church’s life to weaken our Catholic identity and to make us more susceptible to the winds of the world with its shifting fads and mores. It won’t be easy to recover ourselves and our sense of ourselves. That’s why I try to help by reading the Latin of some of these rites, such as traditional baptism or exorcism and blessings of holy water and the like. If you need help with something, Fathers, let me know.

Meanwhile, let’s beat this damned virus down into the dust with self-discipline and mighty prayers.

We hear some music by Giovanni Gabrieli, Music For San Rocco. San Rocco is a great patron of the sick and an intercessor in time of plague. And, for music, there’s a surprise at the end.



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