Episode #130 Mauro Guillen


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Look Forward, Faster | Join Wharton business school professor and author of 2030: How Today’s Biggest Trends Will Collide And Reshape The Future Of Everything, Mauro Guillén. Listen as he uses his futurist thinking to help leaders prepare for and embrace the accelerating trends that will change the workplace and the world. Subscribe to the FranklinCovey On Leadership email newsletter and receive weekly videos, tools, articles, and podcasts to help you become a better leader. ow.ly/tH5E30kAxfj Define Outcomes Before You Act: Clearly define and visualize what you want to accomplish before you begin the work.https://pages.franklincovey.com/2021-Q1-NL-Nov24_Newsletter-Tool-Download.html Looking Around Corners: Great leaders can anticipate what’s on the horizon and have the agility and nimbleness to respond accordingly. Develop this game-changing skill by asking yourself and your team these six questions. https://resources.franklincovey.com/blog/looking-around-corners

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