Fredcast Mixed Bag. Kit Harrington, Rose Leslie and Sook Yin Lee


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Kit Harrington - Kit has been known to UK audiences for years but made his big breakthrough to North America playing Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, and he's since been mounted on the walls of countless teenage girl's rooms. He also happens to be my favourite character on the show. Also, we both loved Sharpe … a BBC classic! Rose Leslie - Rose Leslie is the envy of many women out there. She gets to shmoogle with Jon Snow! That of course being her role of Ygritte on Game of Thrones. She's also on Dowton Abbey. But I was more impressed by her appearance on Banged abroad! Sook Yin Lee - She is one of my media idols. I'd been a fan of hers since I became obsessed with becoming a Much Music VJ when I was in high school. That never happened, but I've leaned to live with it. She came on to talk about her Jack Layton movie for CBC, but we eventually chatted about mascots!

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