17 traits of a pleasing personality for success


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Think Your Way To Wealth by Napoleon Hill. Other great works are Outwitting the Devil and Think and Grow Rich. What makes an attractive personality? Could it be they are always happy and smiling or possibly they are engaging and interested in conversations? Maybe it is more than that. Continue to listen as we start on the 17th trait of an attractive personality, yes we are currently on 17...... Compare your own personalities and implement some of these traits in your own life and see if you attract more people, money, success, positive encounters, and more. Drop us an email letting us know how making these changes impacted your life. The ability to sell yourself to one or many others through your speech is one of the most highly prized achievements. In order to attain this achievement one must have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter. This gives the speaker a self assurance unlike any other, which people can sense. And remember, the time to stop speaking is just as important as when you start...and it is the exact moment at which you have conveyed the thought you wished to. Then sit down; long winded speakers are bore-some. * Say something that people wish to hear and say it effectively* The message you convey must be properly attuned to the minds of those listening. An amazing speech based on the speakers mastery of the English language is good but getting the message you wish across is great. All people resent the use of words in which they do not understand no matter how correctly they are used. * People wish to hear subjects that help to solve their daily problems* * The use of dramatization and illustration is essential * Can you remember a time when watching and listening to politicians run for office. Was there ever a moment when you felt the debate became more about bashing the other candidate than relaying how they would solve economic problems? Did you ever give us, lose interest, and turn it off? How do you think effective speech worked or did not work in these situations? * A voice that is off tone is just as offensive as a musical instrument that is out of tune* The tone of the voice is the instrument by which feeling is conveyed. To be effective in speech one must work their instrument and this can be achieved during ordinary conversation. * The expression of the face should harmonize with the picture of the thought conveyed by speech* the key to success is showing up and getting up .. perseverence

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