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In this episode of freedom from concern podcast 101 Mr senseisiv and Sal Jumawan disscuss some more business mindset tips from the book by John Haremza Right or almost Right stay tuned while we go over; The importance of the little things in life like an apple a day in the Jim Rohn quote an apple a day will change your life “luck versus faith most and how people don’t see opportunity Tools versus people in business letting the tools do the work for those common questions FOMO fear of missing out the importance of urgency How to start replacing the time on the phone with technology Napoleon Hill "you are what you think about most often" Napoleon Hill "thoughts are things " The importance of expectations off of the radar The importance of getting back up when you’re knocked down everything depends on action and execution how to get clear on what actions to take Check out Siv Kounlabout and Sal Jumawan @yourfriendsiv @sal.jumawan @freedomfromconcern google BrianBrowntv

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